SPECIALTY pharmacies

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Effortlessly follow up with patients about mailed prescription orders and refills.


For Specialty Pharmacies

SPECIALTY pharmacies

Medication Adherence Management

Ensure patients take all medications on time with automated text reminders, and send notifications for auto renewals on key refill dates.

SPECIALTY pharmacies

Scale More, Faster

Efficiently scale operations and increase revenue with the support of PatientSync’s platform. Reach a larger audience to deliver quality healthcare to more people, and keep patients coming back.

SPECIALTY pharmacies

Improved Patient Experience

Use PatientSync’s platform to provide exceptional care at every touchpoint by ensuring medications are delivered on time, used properly, and easily refilled to help patients adhere to treatment plans.

SPECIALTY pharmacies

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Our software is specifically designed for healthcare, so data security and HIPAA compliance is paramount. We have a high standard for data privacy and security, so patients’ sensitive health and personal information is always protected.

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