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For Neurology


Improved Patient Scheduling

Minimize wait time and easily schedule patients with the correct provider based on their diagnosis so everyone receives the specialized care they need. Integrations with EHRs simplify the scheduling process and guarantee accuracy for better patient outcomes.


Coordinated Care

Streamline communication between different care providers for a coordinated and comprehensive approach to neurological care. Offer patients personalized care plans and more access to treatment options to address the complexity of neurological conditions.


Ensure HIIPA Compliance

Our software is specifically designed for healthcare call centers, so data security and HIPAA compliance is paramount. We have a high standard for data privacy and security, so patients’ sensitive health and personal information is always protected.


Defined Insurance Protocols

Ensure only patients with in network insurance are scheduled, and easily advise patients on proper protocols for referral collection prior to the appointment, if required. Stay HIPAA compliant and better navigate the complexities of billing and reimbursement

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