experience mL

Understand the Patient Experience in Real Time

Experience ML offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring the patient experience.


Experience ML

experience mL

Deepen Your Understanding of Patient Experience

Use contact summaries, call transcription and sentiment analysis to enable agent evaluation, feedback and follow-up in a centralized location.

experience mL

Automate Q/A

Identify potentially problematic calls in real-time, giving you the power to create a list for your Q/A team to review or notify a supervisor on the spot.

experience mL

Your HIPAA Compliance Partner

Ensure compliance with Experience ML, which detects and redacts sensitive patient information from audio recordings and transcripts

experience mL

Leverage Sentiment Analysis

Understand sentiment using Natural Language Processing (NLP) on transcripts of calls and chats to quickly know how patients feel and detect urgent issues.

experience mL

Performance Monitoring

Experience ML lets you easily view contact summaries, giving you the insight you need to evaluate context, address follow-up, and provide precise feedback to your agents—all in one place.

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