Our Origin Story

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PatientSync leaders have helped healthcare organizations utilize technology to serve patients more effectively for more than 20 years. With deep expertise in medical workflows and healthcare-specific best practices, our team is keenly aware of the unique challenges faced by patients, physicians, practice management, and health system administration.

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The quick backstory: PatientSync traces its roots to 2002, when Path Forward IT began helping healthcare organizations utilize technology to increase speed, agility, and efficiency to serve patients more effectively. This experience provided deep expertise on leading EMR/EHR systems, a comprehensive understanding of HIPAA-compliant network security and data storage, and insight into all the ways technology can help improve the patient experience.

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But We Didn’t Stop There

In response to the needs of healthcare clients frustrated by the demands of managing or outsourcing their call-center operations, Path Forward IT launched the Love Your Patient (LYP) Contact Center in 2013.

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To provide the concierge-style communication capabilities that premiere healthcare organizations require, LYP Contact Center needed sophisticated, omnichannel communication and workflow-guidance technology to empower their industry-leading agents.

And PatientSync was born.

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PatientSync is a comprehensive healthcare communications platform that turns contact center agents into superstars. Our integrated, omnichannel software enables personalized communication that makes every patient feel like a VIP.

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Our proprietary guided-workflow capabilities equip new agents to perform as effectively as seasoned associates in just weeks, while ensuring that all practice and provider preferences are followed to a T. And for the tasks that benefit from AI-enabled automation and machine learning, PatientSync is leading the way.

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Everything that more than 20 years in healthcare has taught us about what matters most to providers is built into PatientSync—the only patient communication software you’ll ever need.

Our Vision

Improving lives by revolutionizing patient access.

Our Mission

Simplifying healthcare communication.

Our Manifesto

We believe technology shouldn't dehumanize patients, it should help every individual feel known. Patients are names, not numbers, and by removing the communication barriers in healthcare we empower teams to focus on the person, not the software. When done right, we believe healthcare technology can facilitate better quality care and more human connection for an elevated experience for both patients and providers.

Core Values


In everything we do, we lead with empathy and consideration


We are dedicated, service-driven, and patient-focused


We adapt quickly to improve outcomes in an evolving technical landscape


We work with customers and colleagues to transform ideas into reality


We innovate through continuous learning and challenging the status quo

answering with care

Meet Our Leadership Team

Nick Recker
Matt Chandler
Board Chair
Clint Holliday
Chief Technology Officer
Jeff Mock
Chief Executive Officer
Sarah McConnaughey
Chief Financial Officer
Marshall Taylor
Director of Operations
Diana Coronado-Hernandez
Senior Technical Solutions Architect

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