Increase Revenue in the Face of Unprecedented Challenges

Prevent patient leakage and make it easier for patients to go to the hospital (and stay in network for follow-ups).


For Hospitals


Turn Your Cost Center Into a Profit Center

Retain and attract patients by making patient access frictionless. PatientSync’s healthcare-focused technology improves appointment scheduling to keep patients in the hospital ecosystem, even with a destabilized workforce and higher costs.


Maximize Agent Downtime

Increase revenue by utilizing agents to launch omnichannel campaigns and outbound marketing activities to capture new patients and automate appointment reminders. Ensure there are no lulls in your call center productivity.


Knock Down Silos

Instead of dozens of call centers that only handle one type of specialty, PatientSync unifies your agents, processes, and physician preferences to create one consolidated call center.


Secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging

While SMS text messaging isn't HIPAA compliant on its own, PatientSync enables HIPAA-compliant messaging to enable providers to communicate easily and securely.

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