Streamline Your Radiology Practice

Prevent patient leakage by improving appointment scheduling and creating a high quality patient experience.


For Radiology


Enhanced Test Scheduling

Clearly outline prescheduling questionnaires to secure patients’ ordered tests. Set scheduling preferences to ensure that tests are booked with the correct length and appropriate resource. PatientSync’s centralized platform integrates with EHRs to manage and track procedures, reducing errors and efficiently using resources.


Test Prep

Effortlessly provide patients with the correct prep instructions prior to their scheduled procedures, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Prioritize HIPAA compliance to maintain patient privacy throughout the test preparation process.


Referral Management

Call on referrals from providers and outside facilities for scheduling to get more patients in the door and quickly contact inbound referrals to ensure patients are captured and promptly scheduled. PatientSync streamlines the process to decrease delays while creating a quality care experience and improving patient outcomes.


Exceptional Patient Support

Patient support is paramount in healthcare. Use call scripting and training to ensure agents are empathetic and patient to create a comfortable experience for new and existing patients.

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