Expert Support for GI Practices

Take your practice to the next level with specialized assistance to increase patient satisfaction.


For Gastroenterology


Improve Procedure Scheduling and Prep

Allow staff to properly schedule patient procedures done in house by outlining scheduling protocols, and easily provide guidance on the proper prep instructions pre-procedure. Streamline processes and improve communication to minimize procedural complications.


Better Patient Access

Improve appointment management and new patient and recall scheduling with outbound campaigns. Reduce the burden on clinical staff doing call backs and decrease the patients’ time on the phone by collecting the right details for non-appointment requests.


Defined Call Triaging

Provide clear steps for handling calls when patients have urgent or post procedure symptoms and quickly get a nurse on the line to assist. Easily assess call urgency and prioritize accordingly to promptly address patient needs and enhance communication.


Defined Insurance Protocols

Ensure only patients with in network insurance are scheduled, and easily advise patients on proper protocols for referral collection prior to the appointment, if required. Stay HIPAA compliant and better navigate the complexities of billing and reimbursement.

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