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Optimize call center performance with better appointment scheduling and follow-ups.


For Orthopaedics


Improve Patient Scheduling

Ensure patients are scheduled with the appropriate provider based on referral. Prevent overbooking providers with defined rules for their schedules, and identify acute vs chronic issues to protect same or next day appointments for urgent care needs.


Maintain Established Relationships

Build trust and loyalty and promote relationships between providers and patients. Improve communication and provide personalized support and follow-up care to address patient needs and improve health outcomes.


Reduce Patient Leakage

Implement PatientSync’s call center technology to prevent lost patients and increase revenue for ancillary services, such as physical therapy or MRIs. Provide convenient and flexible appointment scheduling to facilitate a smooth transition of care and keep patients in house.


Automated Patient Follow-Ups

Create quality patient experiences post-appointment. Outline urgent symptoms that the medical team needs to quickly address, and define physical therapy scheduling protocols to ensure appointments are booked in a timely manner.


Define Insurance Protocols

Ensure only patients with in network insurance are scheduled, and easily advise patients on proper protocols for referral collection prior to the appointment, if required. Stay HIPAA compliant and better navigate the complexities of billing and reimbursement.

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